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All the latest entertainment news and views Bill and Kelly style!  Podcast available @ blogtalkradio and itunes podcast!

3/1  March into March with Bill and Kelly!

2/15 Bill and Kelly and Brian O'Rourke are back with the latest entertainment news and views!

2/08 First show of the new year!!!  Half hour of 2011 fun!!!

12/14 Special guest Dr. Alan Hirsch!  Alan Hirsch, M.D., F.A.C.P., is a medical practitioner and researcher with dual certification in neurology and psychiatry. He founded the Smell and Taste Treatment and Research Foundation in Chicago.  He has appeared on The Oprah Winfrey Show, CNN, The CBS Early Show, Good Morning America, and Extra TV.  Dr. Hirsch's latest book is "How to Tell If Your Teenager Is Lying and What to Do about It".


12/7 A full hour of "host chat" with Bill and Kelly!

11/30 Entertainment news and views with Bill and Kelly and pianist Brian O'Rourke.

10/26 Late breaking political and entertainment news Bill and Kelly style.  Kelly sings "Oh What a Beautiful Morning" from her CD "Route 66".

10/19 One hour show becomes half hour show when So Cal thunderstorm knocks us off the air!

10/12 Fast paced half hour show with the latest entertainment news!

9/28 Bill and Kelly sizzle in the Southern California
heatwave!  Author of "They Own It All (Including You!) Ron MacDonald joins the "hot topics".

9/21 More with Dr. Hirsch!

9/7 Dr. Alan Hirsch of the Smell and Taste Treatment and Research Foundation is back by popular demand!

8/31 Bill and Kelly welcome smell and taste expert Dr. Alan Hirsch to the show. 
As the founder and neurological director of the Smell & Taste Treatment and Research Foundation in Chicago,  Dr. Hirsch specializes in the evaluation, diagnosis and treatment of many smell and taste related disorders.  In addition to his practice, Dr. Hirsch developed the popular diet aid "Sensa".

Alan Hirsch, M.D., F.A.C.P.

8/24 Entertainment news and Kelly sings LIVE with Brian O'Rourke at the piano!  Ron MacDonald joins in along with caller Raphael- an actor from WA.

8/03 Fresh talk with Bill and Kelly!

7/27 Bill spins a sampling of great tunes from Kelly's CD "Route 66" with Brian O'Rourke at the piano.  Order your copy now- 818-762-1711.

7/20 An hours worth of pure Bill and Kelly entertainment squeezed into a half hour edition!

7/13 B&K analyze the infamous MEL GIBSON TAPE!

6/17 Eric Merola director of the new award winning documentary "BURZYNSKI the movie" joins Bill and Kelly for a fascinating discussion of Dr. Burzynski's breakthrough cancer treatments and the forces that want to stop him.

    Eric Merola

6/2 Kelly takes requests and sings "My Funny Valentine" and "Corner Of The Sky" for the gang in Pasadena and Silver Lake.  Jazz great Brian O'Rourke accompanies.  Plus the latest news and views from Bill and Kelly and Brian.

5/19 Jazz pianist great Brian O'Rourke joins B&K for
an "Idol" and "Dancing" wrap up review plus Kelly sings live!

5/12  Fresh talk, live music, and B&K get their ducks in a row with professional life organizer Migonne La Fleur.  Learn how to plan a successful garage sale and turn your trash into cash!  Call Migonne at 310-729-3622 or email migonnelafleur@gmail.com.

4/28 "What The World Needs Now Is..."  live music!  Miss Kelly sings live accompanied by pianist Brian O'Rourke.  Plus entertainment news and we hear Bill's V.O. demo tape.

4/21 The latest entertainment news plus Jazz pianist Brian O'Rourke joins us in the second half hour with some funny "only in Hollywood" stories.

4/14 Our "Tax Day Eve" show including a follow up Q & A with the author of "They Own It All (Including You)" Ron MacDonald

3/31  Author Ronald MacDonald's interview  last week generated such huge interest B&K asked him to return.  Get ready for more mind blowing revelations about our Nation's Currency.  Don't miss it!

3/24  All the latest entertainment news and special guest Ronald MacDonald, co-author of "They Own It All (Including You!) by Means of Toxic Currency
".  Think those Federal Reserve Notes in your wallet are yours?  Think again.

3/17 Special St. Patrick's Day edition of Bill and Kelly!  Kelly sings "Danny Boy".  Erin Go Bragh!

3/10 Oscar re-cap show!  Kelly reviews the Red Carpet fashions...no star is safe!

3/3 More Oscar picks and Kelly wants to know what's up with this seasons "American Idol"?

2/24 News of the day including the Toyota recall, Charile Sheen's recall, and Oscar picks.

2/17 Two years on blogtalkradio!  Olympic news (go Lindsey Vonn!), is Tiger out of the Woods?, and why was Kevin Smith asked to deplane (it was on the ground)?  The freshest entertainment news plus Kelly sings "Get Happy"!

2/10 East Coast blizzard, "Idol" chat, Vegas comebacks, and the most hated buzz phrases of 2009.   "Touch base" with Bill and Kelly for some "thinking outside the box".

2/3  Oscar, Oscar, Oscar...nominations!  Plus our special guest sound therapist and vocal profile expert Sharry Edwards (heard on Blogtalkradio) joins us for a very revealing segment not to be missed!

1/27  T
he latest entertainment news and our views then a visit from Alan Sher.  Alan Sher is a licensed acupuncturist (L.Ac.) in the state of California and holds a Master's degree from Emperor's College of Traditional Oriental Medicine (Summa Cum Laude).

Alan Sher

1/13 First show of the New Year!  Haitian earthquake relief is our top story followed by a visit from L.A.'s preeminent jazz pianist Brian O'Rourke.

Happy New Year!

12/16  Bill and Kelly welcome special guest
Dr. Lawrence Birnbaum- "plastic surgeon to the stars".  Listen in as Dr. B. shares his secrets for a "refreshed youthful" finish vs. that "too tight/ work done" look.

Lawrence Birnbaum, M.D.
Beverly Hills, CA

12/09  Breaking entertainment news and fresh talk!

12/02 Tiger, Tiger, Tiger...

11/18 Did someone mention Sarah Palin?

11/11 Special Veterans Day tribute with Kelly singing  "Get Here" with Brian O'Rourke at the piano.  Plus Sharry Edwards (nanovoice.org) discusses sound therapy and her new show Sundays 1PM EST on blogtalkradio!

11/04 The latest entertainment news, music, and a visit from sound therapist Sharry Edwards (nanovoice.org).

9/23 Bill and Kelly filter the noise and deliver clean fresh entertainment!

9/9 A swift half with some special tracks from Kelly's CD with
Brian O'Rourke at the piano!

8/26  Health (Sick?) Care and The Swine Flu are the subjects of a special B&K Show with guests
sound therapist Sharry Edwards and actor James Marshall (A Few Good Men, Twin Peaks).  Plus a
call from the best selling author of "The Gabriel Method" and host of his own blogtalkradio show- Jon Gabriel!

8/19  Dr. Sol Weiss joins B&K for an informative discussion of Health Care Reform.  Plus the latest entertainment news!

8/5  From the Health Care debate to Hillary and Bill's current state, The White House staff, Barbra's stuff, Idol's loss, Oprah's gain, Bill and Kelly feel your pain- and talk about it!  Go ahead...listen in.

6/24  Join Bill and Kelly as they pay tribute to TV icon Ed McMahon.  How did the longest running and most successful late-night show in TV history begin?  Bill plays a clip of Ed recalling the start of The Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson.  Also best selling author and alternative weight loss pioneer Jon Gabriel calls in with advice for Kelly and everyone looking to get their weight and life back in balance.

6/10  Bill and Kelly catch up after weeks of travel:  Bill to London on holiday and Miss Kelly to...?  Tune in and find out!

5/13  B&K keep you current with a fresh take on today's hottest headlines.  Plus some great tunes
from Kelly's CD "Route 66"!

4/28 Broadway legend and television icon
Bea Arthur is remembered on a special Bill and Kelly Show with Bea's longtime friends actor/director Conrad Janis (Mork and Mindy) and writer/producer Maria Janis (Bad Blood...The Hunger).

Conrad Janis

4/19 Listen to some great tunes from Kelly's CD "Route 66" with Bill.  Kelly joins Bill for the last 10 minutes with late breaking entertainment news.

4/15 Tax Day with Bill and Kelly.  You paid your taxes now get some relief (comic) with Bill and Kelly!  Plus Dr. Howard Liebowitz checks in and tells us how we can make our appointment to hear him on his own Blogtalkradio Show "Hormones Spoken Here" (Mondays @ 8PM PST)!

3/25 B&K welcome back Dr. Howard Liebowitz to the show for another  informative hour!

3/18 Bill and Kelly are honored to be joined by Howard Liebowitz, MD for the hour.  His experience with Integrated and Functional Medicine, along with his foundational approach to health through nutrition, helped him realize the importance of assessing and balancing hormones for both men and women.  His unique approach to attaining optimal health as well as slowing the aging process has helped innumerable people.

Howard Liebowitz, MD

3/11 B & K spend a fascinating half hour with Brian Mahan.  For nearly 25 years, Brian Mahan has helped countless people from all walks of life. He worked as an empath for years in New York City, taking on people's pain in order to relieve them of it.  You've got to hear Brian's story!


3/4 Bill and Kelly are joined  by Jon Gabriel, author of the best selling new book "The Gabriel Method".  Jon shares the story of his amazing transformation and reveals a truly unique and revolutionary diet-free way to lose weight.


2/18 Kelly's salute to the great Blossom Dearie with Brian O'Rourke at the piano!  Also B&K's Oscar predictions!

2/24 B&K cover President Obama's address to Congress.  Plus a wrap up of The Oscar show.  Did B&K pick the winners?

2/10 B&K back with a half hour of Fresh Talk!

2/3 *Computer glitch!  Live listeners heard the whole show but the playback starts at 04:03*
Big 2hr. show!  First hour: show business legend actor/director Conrad Janis and writer/producer Maria Janis join us to talk about Conrad's Broadway-Movie-TV career and their latest movie "Bad Blood".  Second hour: Sharry Edwards the recognized leader and pioneer in the field of BioAcoustic Sound Therapy and Vocal Profiling talks about this amazing field with us.  Most all sound healing techniques you see on the Internet today spring from her work!
conradjanis.com                                          Sharry Edwards
myspace.com/badbloodmovie                 nanovoice.org

1/27 Spiritual Writer, Hypnotherapist, Life Coach, Healer, Writer, Clairvoyant and Teacher Tony Abbott rang up B&K from New South Wales, Australia.  Tony along with his wife well known Australian clairvoyant and channeller Robyn Abbott run their amazing web site spiritwatch.com.

Tony Abbott
1/20 B&K's unique look at Inauguration Day from Aretha's hat to the oath-over to POTUS' new set of very cool wheels, we cover it all and even manage to scoop the networks with a report on what the First Kids were doing while Mom and Dad went ball hopping!

1/13 While taking her new computer for a spin, Kelly discovered Debra Flinn and her amazing journey.  To both lose weight and meet her inspiration Oprah Winfrey, Debra walked from her home in Florida to Chicago!  Find out how she did it and what lessons she learned "along the road".

1/6 B&K welcome Greg Larsen. Greg is a life coach, spiritual teacher, and public speaker with a gift for supporting individuals with their spiritual and personal growth by deepening their experience of Eckhart Tolle’s books A New Earth and The Power of Now.

Greg Larsen
12/10 Catch up with Bill and Kelly in a lightning fast half hour!

12/09 Join Bill and Kelly for a fascinating hour with Dr. Barbara Oakley author of "Evil Genes: Why Rome Fell, Hitler Rose, Enron Failed, and My Sister Stole My Mother's Boyfriend".

10/28  B & K keep you current with a swift half hour of fresh conversation...

10/21 The writer who first put fingers to MacBook and gave both the tween set and Disney shareholders something to scream about Peter Barsocchini joined us just hours before "High School Musical 3: Senior Year" opened in the UK!  What makes this series a worldwide cultural phenomenon?  Did he have any idea in 2006 what was to come?  Bill and Kelly go to the source for answers!
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10/03 Bill and Kelly take a unique and funny look at the Biden-Palin debate.  Kelly asks the question every undecided voter wants to know: who did Sarah Palin's hair?  Health talk too...
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9/28 Kelly analyzes Sarah Palin's odd appeal and Bill critiques the McCain/Obama debate.  B&K fondly remember the great Paul Newman.
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9/2 Bill and Kelly remember voice-over king Don LaFontaine, writer-musician Sheldon Keller, and country singer-actor Jerry Reed.  Bill tells a story of meeting "Don La" and Kelly shares her memories of Sheldon Keller playing with Conrad Janis, George Segal, and Brian O'Rourke in "The Beverly Hills Unlisted Jazz Band".
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7/25 Winner of Los Angeles Magazine's "Best Of LA- #1 On The 88's" Brian O'Rourke joins us!

Brian O'Rourke
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Thursday 8/21 Bill calls Kelly's hospital room and Kelly does a show hours after surgery! Her advice to the listeners- "Stay well...and away from hospitals!"
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Sunday 7/13 Bill and Kelly are back with music and talk. Kelly opens the show with "Since I fell" and "Somewhere Over The Rainbow" from her CD. Bill and Kelly talk Brangelina and the twins, the passing of Larry Harmon aka Bozo the Clown, and Kelly lets us in on a great website(!) where you can give and get free stuff!- www.freecycle.org.
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Sunday 6/8 Ann Albers popular spiritual instructor, angel communicator, lecturer, and author joined Bill and Kelly for a special 2 hour show! Ann is a traditional Reiki master and a modern mystic who delights in distilling ancient wisdom into practical, down-to-earth tools for modern living.

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Saturday 7/05 Bill and Kelly return with a half hour of wide ranging fresh talk. From the Big Sur fire to Christie Brinkley's divorce to Men's Health Magazine's once a week grocery list to Brangelina's twins, we cover the week in one fast half hour!
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Wednesday 6/4 Bill and Kelly welcomed special guest Country Music Singer/Songwriter GREG SMITH to the show! Greg talks about the great Country Artists that influenced him and we get to hear some great tracks from his upcoming CD "Long Long Road".

Greg Smith
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Wednesday 5/28 Bill and Kelly are back to dish American Idol's David Cook, former Mrs. McGreevey's divorce proceedings, Bill reviews "Indiana Jones", and Kelly talks about recording her latest CD "Route 66"...
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Memorial Day 5/26 Bill and Kelly open the show with Ray Charles' "America" and a brief history of our national holiday devoted to the memory of our Veterans. Bill dispenses money saving shopping tips, Kelly talks about food cravings and the wrong way to diet, and Bill and Kelly talk gas prices and recession...
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Tuesday 5/06 Bill and Kelly discuss the North Carolina/Indiana primaries, Tom Cruise on Oprah, Kelly and Brian's menu shock at Denny's ($9 breakfasts?!), Bill's shopping trip for a Mother's Day gift cell phone, cheap travel tips...
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Monday 5/19 Bill and Kelly talk Barack and Hillary, Dancing With The Stars, American Idol, Overdosed America (America overdosed on reality TV?), Starbucks new (old) logo, and when Kelly fell off the phone line Bill played "Since I Fell" from Kelly's CD...
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Wednesday 4/30 on the Bill and Kelly Show American Idol talk, weight loss tips from The Biggest Loser, selling Grandma's silver to buy food/gas, why are they so happy in Denmark?, Kelly sings "Get Happy"...
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Sunday 4/27 Bill and Kelly talk about the LA brush fires near Kelly's house, the secret of Edna Parker's (now world's oldest person at 115) longevity, top ten towns to live in, and why all of a sudden we want to horde rice!
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Tuesday 4/22 Bill and Kelly chat about the history of Earth Day, some easy green tips, and Kelly's answer to lowering your carbon footprint- shop from home! Also American Idol news and Kathy Lee Gifford's Today Show debut...
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Tuesday 3/25 Bill and Kelly were joined by Superstar Hair Designer AlCid. Listen in as AlCid shares the latest trends in hair design and gives hair care tips used by the pros. Want to have that Paris Hilton head of hair? AlCid reveals her secret!
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Tuesday 3/18 Bill and Kelly did "Lukewarm Topics" and funnyman
Billy Paul
called in. We also got to hear the title track from Kelly's CD "Route 66" available from "Class Act Entertainment".
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Sunday 3/16 Bill and Kelly talked all things Vegas including where to stay, where to find the best buffets, and Bill reviews Bette Midler's new show at
Caesar's Palace!
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Thursday 3/6 we were joined by famed Polo Lounge Manager
Nino Osti. For thirty years Nino presided over the most famous room in Hollywood and the most sought after table: "booth number two". The biggest stars, directors, writers, agents, and studio heads all came to know the distinguished Nino. Listen in as Nino takes us from his beginnings in Milan Italy all the way to Beverly Hills. What a life!

Nino Osti

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Tuesday 3/4 Bill and Kelly chat about the Ohio and Texas primary, American Idol's David Hernandez, Ashley Tisdale's doll's nose, a listener in Rio Bravo Mexico, and the healthiest place in America. Pianist Brian O'Rourke calls in from the last remaining pay phone on Hollywood Blvd.
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Actor-Comedian-Musician Billy Paul (and his many celebrity voices) joined us Tuesday 2/26 for a laugh-filled hour.

Billy Paul
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Kenny Kingston was our Special Guest Thursday 2/21. Listen in as we explore Kenny's remarkable life and career as "Psychic to the Stars".


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